The top 10 tips I’ve learned from minimalists



I’m not going to covet other minimalists’ lives anymore.

I don’t travel the world with a single backpack.

I haven’t packed up my family to travel across the country in an RV for a year.

I am not a single woman with a futon, a suitcase and a laptop.

I didn’t choose 600 square feet of dwelling space with a hobby farm ‘round back.

YET, I adore reading about these amazing people and their even more intriguing journeys toward transformation. In perusing books and blogposts, these characters seem like old friends. We’re all rooting for them. Their triumphs and courageous leaps of faith provide the inspiration for our own stories. However, through all this story following, I have found there is not one formula for choosing a simple life…it is not a one-size-fits all t-shirt. No matter what our life looks like, I do believe each and every one of these…

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food & drink


So, one of my goals this year is to become an amateur mixologist. Knowing I am disadvantaged because I do not work in a bar making 100 cocktails/night, I am hoping to make up ground by completely nerding out on this topic.

I am currently devouring every concept within Kevin Liu’s book, Craft Cocktails at Home–“offbeat techniques, contemporary crowd-pleasers, and classics hacked with science”.


I have been frustrated over the years trying to develop a taste for scotch, whisky, and cool hoppy beers without success. Then, today, I stumble over the concept of supertasters(definition below) in Kevin’s book. Wouldn’t it be great if my failure to understand the high-end palate of these drinks is simply because I had too much taste?

–A supertaster is a person who experiences the sense of taste with far greater intensity than average. Some 35% of women and 15% of men are supertasters.[1] Supertasters are more likely to be of Asian, African, and South American descent.[2] The cause of this heightened response is unknown, although it is thought to be related to the presence of the TAS2R38 gene, the ability to taste PROP and PTC, and at least in part, due to an increased number of fungiform papillae.[3]
–direct from Wikipedia



Ad Lib Vibration Table


I have gotten a little addicted to working with concrete since stumbling over the concrete mold concept while trying to save money on materials for a patio I made this summer.

Above is an improvised set-up for a vibration table simply using an air compressor next to the newly poured concrete in its mold. It works great!

Stay tuned for the unveiling of the final product…



I don’t really know why this made my normally strict cut for errant photos. I am working on a project I am calling ” Up and Down Boston”– literally taking photos up and photos down while walking throughout the city. I think I’m keeping this one.




Up and down Boston


Up and down Boston


If you have an iphone and don’t use Hipstamatic for your photography, you are really missing out on things.


“Up and down Boston”